Cincinnati Belly dance Classes

 Cincinnati Bellydance Classes with Katherine

New Classes Starting Monday Aug 5th!

Plotting World Domination- Belly Dance FUNdamentals I  6:00pm
                                                (no experience required)

Plotting World Domination - Belly Dance FUNdamentals II 7:00pm
                                               (FUNdamentals 1 required)


Dance is like a language, if you’re new to it you need to learn your vocabulary before becoming fluent!

Plotting World Domination is a series of 2 eight week courses designed to teach your body the core movements of belly dance. Movements will be broken down and drilled in a fun atmosphere so that you can learn to move with precision, control, and passion. Once you’ve learned these movements, you’ll be ready for INTRODUCTION TO WORLD DOMINATION- Moves and Combos!