Creator - Dreamer – Dancer

“This dance has brought many changes to my life. Physically, it has challenged and satisfied me. Spiritually it has enlightened me to the power of sisterhood, trust and faith in others. Emotionally it has helped me believe in myself and that there is a place for all of us. I can't imagine not dancing, not creating or not being part of this project.”

Terrie Markesbery - There is nothing that can’t be done if you ask Terrie …so, be careful what you ask her. She’s a machine in rehearsal, a gentle soul on the stage. Her dance style is a reflection of herself – strong, smooth, unique and skillful. She constructs moves that are intricate and complex. She creates dances which are filled with integrity, ingenuity and beauty.

A vegetarian Tequila queen who will dance till dawn, pause to whip up some homemade pancakes, choreograph the lead piece for tomorrow night’s show, sew a new coin bra, take a hike with the family, eat the burrito, negotiate the deal, dance her heart out, take out the trash and lock the door…all in a single day with nary a whimper or groan.

She is a caretaker. She is of the earth – strong, grounded, resolute. She’s a woman with a spirit as rich as Mexican mole’ and a dancer who dances because she must.


Teaching bellydance to all passionate, brave souls in Northern Kentucky