Staging Requirements


Keshvar Project can perform with the band on stage with dancers on the floor. This works best if the stage is elevated. The minimum space for the band is 12W' by 5'D. The minimum space for the dancers is 12'W by 10'D. A larger performance space is always better but those are our minimum requirements.

Other options are the band semi-arced around a back corner of a stage with dancers taking  to the  center. This works when the stage is at least 18W by 15'D or more.



Fun Der Kuppa  
Rompi Rompi 
Moorish Dance
Uskadera Gideriken

Tghallem Gmiel
Hafif - beledi  
Sheesh - karslama
Malachite - chiftatelli 
Aronoff - Tutti Fruitti - saidi / ayob
Aiesha - beledi 
Alameda - masmoudi 
Quatro Nuevo- maqsum
Relentless - six
Punjabi Jam
Twisty Tie
Fertile Ant
Gathering of Lovers
Fool from Istanbul
The Orchard
Separated Reed

Fox Grapes

Our typical set ranges from 40-60 minutes. Or we can construct sets of 15-20 minutes to stand alone or be layered interwoven with other performers where we might do 2-3 songs. The band can also perform alone and definitely has the ability to do extended versions on any melodic line, rhythm, vamps or toxims in the moment.