tardi-gra-2012-terrie-heidi-kathryn-273Terri Burch, a hoopers hooper, brought us to the peak the moment she stepped up. Well who needs to build to a crescendo anyway; we prefer this "bring it now"  approach waaaaaay better. She brought a clever mix of dance and hoop -  around and around, spinning and spinning. Musical and lyrical while executing hoop moves flawlessly.  Something to watch. She was new to our floor and we hope she returns with more tricks and turns.

And then there was Akasha. Beautiful, sensous Askasha. drawing us in with a delicate hand and a slippery hip and a beautiful presence.  She coiled around the party, taking us all to a place entirely and magically different. Aaahhhhhhhhhh I say. And mmmmmmmmmmm, come back Akasha and tickle us again.

Of course there was Keshvar Project.  It was only the second Hafla with our new ladies, Katherine and Ashley, alongside a temporary stripped down band and streamlined troupe. The energy was high, the performance fun - wrapping up with a booty shimmy call to get on the floor! More drinks please! was the request heard to help raise the courage and loosen the wiggle bones - the call, dreamed about by some, was, indeed, answered by many.

tardi-gra-2012-wide--573And Lagniappe lived up to their name and brought that "something extra". Parading in full-on, bringing their Cajun, gypsy jams that brought to mind hurricanes in the sunshine enjoyed in a steaming, shaded courtyard in New Orleans. Their music makes you feel deeper and bluesier than you knew you were- finding that ancient DNA connecting you to the backwater haunts where sweat and booze combine for deliciousness of character that leaves one drained of decency.  Say what?  That's what it feels like, trust me.

So to all, thank you for joining us and bringing the party.  Thanks to all the performers, the partiers, Louisa, Terry and Betsy, the Big Heads and Danielle.  We'll be back soon with more dancing for the people, more playing for the soul.  More pictures coming soon (the fog is just now lifting for many).

We're off now to begin prepping for our tour to D.C, Elf Fest, Leapin Lizard and more.  


Au revoir,

Teri "the invisible" Heist


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