A Bellydancer's Passion For Poe


Poe! ! Doesn’t that just make your toes curl?? I have to say, I’m tickled pink (and black!) about this concept.

I’ve been a Poe enthusiast since I studied him for my eleventh grade English class. My friends and I were inspired to have a birthday party for him that year….we plastered our school with posters and I drew a picture of Poe with a lampshade over his head for the occasion. I still have my battered, well worn paperback of his works that I purchased for class. I thumb through it often, my special book made even more special by the annotations left by a much loved friend I shared it with seventeen years ago.


Although my natural demeanor is rather sunny, I find a certain satisfaction in things that are dark in a glamorous, decadent , fantastical sort of way. Poe’s works spoke to me deeply. The Masque of the Red Death was always satisfying and Alone made me feel as though I wasn’t. But my absolute favorites were when he wrote of love—love that was true and enduring, but entirely doomed. Annabel Lee and The Raven can sure melt my butter, even to this day with my angsty teens far behind me.AHSLEY-TERRIE-JON-200



About six months before I joined the Project,  I conceived an idea for interpreting The Raven. My little seed of an idea grew as I reread some of Poe’s works and realized how richly suited the material was for belly dance. I soon had a little show in my head that I locked away for safe keeping.

 My first few months with the troupe was a flurry of learning a huge amount of choreography and getting familiar with lots of new music and (gasp!) becoming comfortable cueing tribal moves. After a few months went by, my little Poe seed nudged me and said, ”Yo, beast. These guys would be totally down for this.” So one day, last spring, at a dancer’s rehearsal I timidly made my suggestion.



These guys were down, indeed and embraced the concept immediately. The stories and poems I suggested were each taken up by a musician and a dancer who put their heads together and made some serious magic happen. The result is five outstanding pieces of theatrical belly dance which have been woven together by spoken lines and performances by special friends.

We are bursting at the seams with excitement to bring this show to you November 10th at York Street Cafe! 

Love, Katherine



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