Cincinnati Belly Dance Goes to Rabbit Hash


katherine in rabbit hash

The annual Old Timers Day festival in Rabbit Hash is always one of Keshvar Project's favorite gigs.  This was the 4th year we played the event and, as always, it was a great experience. The entertainment lasts all day and we roll into town and smash right into the middle of  some great bluegrass, blues, Americana and rock-n-roll music. It's a great event and we're so glad to add our style to the mix.  

ashley in rabbit hash 2012Our show followed a brief but much needed rain storm in the dry, hot Ohio River Valley.  This left the streets wet and a little slippery but it was still the best place to dance.  The musicians took cover on the porch of the barn with the backdrop of Barnival stragglers and an eclectic mix of mismatched Christmas lights, bar signs and Hello Kitty clocks looking on. The crowd gathered about, little kids danced along, lawn chairs popped up sporadically and the encouragement and support of our onlookers funneled into us like sweet moonshine. From kids to grannies, it's so much fun to have a supportive, appreciative crowd full of smiles and giggles.

troupe in rabbit hash 2012

Who could have anticipated that a little rural Kentucky town would receive us so well? Who would have thought that a troupe full of belly dancers would fit in Rabbit Hash?  Somehow, someway, it does and we do and we are thankful to be a part of it. 

To some it may be a mystery why everyone has so much fun dancing in the streets of this little town. Maybe it's just the energy from the crowd who always welcomes us to town. Maybe it's the ease of the performance. Maybe it's the spectacular river view. 

Whatever it is, thanks again Rabbit Hash! We hope you'll have us back.   

Terrie Markesbery & Teri H



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