Keshvar Project at the 2012 Cincinnati Belly Dance Convention


August 17th marked a day the Keshvarians had all been waiting for…the first day of the Cincinnati Bellydance Convention! (Huzzah!).  And let's just say up front: Maali Shaker did such a wonderful job with this convention. Thanks, Maali for bringing amazing instructors and performances to Cincinnati! KP is humbled to have been included. Now to the story...

We all woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed (sorta- the woke up part happened. Then we went to UDF for coffee. The Bright Eyes and Bushy Tails followed shortly thereafter.) and made our way to the Sharonville Convention Center. After checking out the lovelies and coveting some seriously awesome jingle-y goodness in the vending area, the ladies of Keshvar Project made their way to the instruction room .

We then unloaded our gear….this wasn’t going to be the kind of class where all you need to bring is your belly….oh no. This was a bring a bag of gear class. More specifically, PROPS. LOTS of props.

First, Katherine introduced the creepy-elegant Thai Fingernails to the class and took the gals through the paces of brandishing them with ease and grace, teaching hand postures, a few signature moves, and how to hide ‘em , giving the audience a bit of a surprise when they pop up.

Heidi took the reins next and things got noisy! Heidi taught us all how to work the fan like a natural born senorita. Up, down, and all around, she taught us how to POP that fan in any direction you can think of. After a bit of popping practice, in which we all felt like a bunch of awesome beasts, things quieted down a little as Heidi instructed artfully on the element of surprise.

Ashley then whipped out her sword and showed us some her mad skillz. She taught the class how to give their swords the love they deserve and had amazingly helpful insights on how to hide and surprise an audience with her prop, which is, again, amazing, seeing as it’s a giant sword.

Finally, Camille wove it all together, adding the elements of how to introduce props in a troupe setting and how to help each other have an opportunity to use our props during a tribal set.

It was a fantastic time. We met some great gals and were blessed by an awesome Room Mistress (thanks Zahara!)

Usually events of this caliber happen in Chicago, LA, or Seattle. To have something this close to home was awesome….AND later at the gala performance, Anita Lelwani of FCBD passed Heidi and SMILED at her! Ermegersh!


Love, Katherine



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