Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky July 2012 Belly Dance Tour

Judged a Grand Success!

ishtar2.0--performance-2-7-16-12-1000pixFeast or famine? Keshvar Project was feasting last week on a veritable cornucopia of belly dance shows around the city. We started the week off at Roh’s Street Café, opening for Ishtar, the Mediterranean folk band out of Pittsburgh. Early in the spring Keshvar visited them in their hometown and they returned the favor by coming to Cincinnati to demonstrate to our dance community how beautiful traditional middle eastern music fused with a little surf rock can be. It is astounding to see dancers that have never danced to one of their songs synchronize movements to their sounds.

Cherie Haas of Dante’s was a perfect example. She moved gracefully to Melissa Murphey’s clarinet, undulated to Jeff Chmielarski’s electric bass, popped and locked to the beat of Mark DeFilippo’s darbuka and shimmied to Beth DeFilippo’s riq.

ishtar2.0--performance-4-7-16-12-1000pixBeth DeFilippo put down her riq to give the Keshvar dancers a taste of their own medicine. She shimmied and shook to the sounds of Ishtar as well and captured the audience’s attention with sword balancing and playing on her well-established, symbiotic relationship with the musicians.

Open dance finally let the audience get up and shake their own selves to Ishtar’s bellyrocking music. Thanks Ishtar.

From the heat of Roh’s Street to the heat of the Cincinnati Zoo! Macy’s Critter, Crafts and Culture Festival brought Keshvar Project out to the zoo clad in animal prints and smiling faces for the kids attending the event. We roamed the trails and danced with little kids, mothers and fathers, apes and parakeets. The gibbons were fascinated by the sound Keshvar made as we strolled through the zoo.keshvar-zoo-green-room-group-500 It really says something about your music when it arouses not only the curiosity of the rhinoceros but also wakes a slovenly sloth from an afternoon nap. The steamy afternoon came to a sudden halt when a powerful storm blew in and hurried us on our way. We look forward to this event every year – every year it’s steaming hot but so fun with a welcoming crowd that loves to dance along!


We crossed the Ohio on Thursday to land at the Leaping Lizard Gallery to host tribal night. The energy was buzzing when the doors opened and the drummers couldn’t wait to get things moving. And that they did! The wide open dance floor soon filled up with ladies hungry to get their groove on.Keshvar Project wanted to keep the night open for dancing and drumming so we gave the power over to the audience: for a short, sweet set the audience shouted rapid fire changes to our set list – we, dancers and musicians, alike jumped between different instruments, different positions, different tempos and styles lickety split. It added to a very powerful, interactive evening. What a thriving dance and music community!

World Peace Bell in Newport for the Humanity Outpost eventsponsored by Malton Gallery, Newport on the Levee and Southbank Partners. Keshvar-jHumanity-stage-7-20-12-cropped-500The setting was beautiful, with a great stage, sculptural art all around and a very receptive audience. And, most importantly it was COOL! Well, let me update that statement – as great as it was to be dancing in temperatures below 95 degrees, the most important thing may have been that the sound was fantastic! Maybe the best ever. The flute, the violin, the plucking of Michael’s guitar….they could actually be heard! We were blown away with the detail in the sound balance (give us a shout and we’ll pass along the sound guys contact info! Wait, we may want to keep that info to ourselves hah, hah).


Oh and then there were the great moves to go along with the great sounds….another fun set for the dancers. And by this time we had it down cold. We relaxed, grooved a bit and enjoyed it.Ahhhhhhhh, now for that foot rub.

What a week - Thanks to Everyone!!!!! Next – on to the Midwest Herbfest!


Reflections by:Terrie Mmmmmmmm Teri Hhhhhhhhhh


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