New Band Mates Thrown Into the Fire...ouch

(aka: 2012 Keshvar Project "How Much Belly Dance Can Cincinnati Take" Tour)

keshvar project nakia behind hands

As some may know, Will, our dear companion, compadre and beat keeper left us; left us on warm, fuzzy terms but, you know, breaking up is hard to do. He's still our bud but he left a vacant hole in our hearts and in our band.  We miss you man! To fill the heart hole, we're following that "time heals all" thing (whatever, eh) as well as accepting any and all invites to party with the man. As for the hole in the band we've gone out and not only filled up the missing bass line but also added another drummer/percussionist to the troupe.  So, Introducing......

Introducing Jon Doll and Nakia Keathley, ta daa

Ishtar-2012 Jon is covering the boom, boom, thump, thump, thump part; Nakia is joining Dan in filling out the drums of all sorts part. They're both accomplished musicians bringing performance experience, enthusiasm and new angles and perspectives to Keshvar Project. More details to come in their upcoming bios. For now, we hope you come out and welcome them to the family.


And, you'll have the chance in a few weeks because we'll are welcoming them to the stage in a big way, throwing them right into the fire on a big, hot sizzling skillet of events. We're not one's to shy away from a gig or two but this schedule is a bit crazy: Starting Monday, July 16th, Keshvar Project is performing in 4 events in 5 days! Whew! And with spanking brand new, right out of the box, never played with before band mates! Sounds like fun to us - join us for a show or two, or hey, all four. The events range from family friendly kiddie events to booze and boogie grownup parties.

Here's the briefing:

  • Monday, July 16th,Rohs Street Cafe - with Ishtar, Vintage Bellydance Band (from Pittsburgh) - See our previous news posting for some info on this band. Bellydancers and musicians of all swings should join us.
  • Wednesday, July 18th, Cincinnati Zoo. Kids, Culture, Critters and Crafts! - A great all-day event for the family - look for us here and there in the 3:00 time range. I'll update this asap if we get anything more specific..
  • Thursday, July 19th, Tribal Night at Leapin Lizard, Covington - We love doing these events! A great community coming out for lots of open drumming and dancing. As always we're planning on some audience participation so come out, have a drink, meet our new band members and add your music and moves.
  • Friday, July 20th, Humanity Outpost Event, World Peace Bell, Newport - Sponsored by Malton Gallery, these scuptural arts events will be having great performances all Friday long.  We go on at 7:00.  It's free, family-friendly, fun and a great community event. 

Check out our Events page for times, etc.  Kiss, kiss....Teri Hhhhhhhhhh




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