Noun                                                                                                     /ˌevəˈlo͞oSHən/    

The process by which different kinds of living organisms are thought to have developed and diversified from earlier forms

The gradual development of something, esp. from a simple to a more complex form.


development - growth - progress


Four years ago, when Keshvar was just a twinkle in our eyes, we held a meeting and very carefully decided on a name for our ensemble. We decided on Keshvar Project.



 The "Keshvar" we often explain and elaborate upon, but we were very deliberate in deciding to call it a "Project".   We called it a Project, because it is.


We knew exactly what melted our butter, at the time. But we wanted to leave room for inspiration to lead us in other directions, be it dance styles or musical influences.



Four years later, we are finding ourselves on the brink of the next stage in our evolution. Looking through the results of our recent photo shoot we have discovered that it is not just a few new faces in the troupe that separates these pics from our old ones. There is a new look emerging.




This week I’ve been listening to some new tracks the band has recorded for the dancers to work with for our latest big idea (more on that to come!).

 I’m blown away by their experiment- a fresh perspective, different instruments, new influences coloring our material. This is exciting.



We’re still us. But as we get together and jam, work on costuming concepts and designs, create moves or just sit around a coffee table with the toe curling-est cupcakes and chat, that the spark of creativity is moving us forward, always.keshvar-group-travel-mark-350

 We bring with us moves, influences and music that we love dearly, leading each other by turns, first one driving the bus, then another. But we travel this road together, developed and diversified from our earlier form.



article by Katherine Robb


The Belliest Dancers in Cincinnati Welcome Club Bellydance and the BellyDance SuperStars!!!


A very Happy New Year to all of you gorgeous 2013ers out there! Looks like our End of the World themed Tribal Night at Leapin’ Lizard Lounge was so awesome that it gave The Earth the will to live and here we all are. I guess we’ll have to keep searching the headlines of The Weekly World News to get another ETA on the apocalypse.

In the meantime, we’re moving into February which will be bringing two things we've been anticipating. Valentine’s Day Chocolates and (more importantly) The Bellydance Superstars Club Bellydance is returning once again to Cincinnati! The ladies of Keshvar Project are gleefully, squeefully, toe-curlingly excited, not just because we are going to get the opportunity to watch these wicked talented dancers, but also because we've been invited – along with other truly spectacular local acts- to perform! We have been busy little bees brushing up and adapting one of our newer pieces (HINT! It’s from the Poe Show!) and rehearsing, rehearsing, rehearsing!

club bellydance welcome 950

We are humbled to present this piece alongside a selection of Cincinnati’s Best: Anaya Gypsy, Troupe Roja, Nataj & Azha, Conchi with Baanat al Bedouin, some of the ladies of Dante’s Gypsy Circus and, of course, the lovely Zahara, Club Bellydance’s local sponsor and hostess with the mostest. 

All that plus the BDSS for only $25 smackers? Wow!! Guess what? You can get yours online for only 20 clams by going to the Club Bellydance TIX Site.  The show starts at 7:30 at the Cincinnati Masonic Center, 317 E. 5th Street, For more details check out the Club Bellydance schedule

We’ll be sure to give a full report on all our shenanigans, but why not come out to the Cincinnati Masonic Center this Saturday and be a part of it?

Katherine Robb 




 From Poe to Steampunk - Keeping the Party Going in Cincinnati

The Poe Show , a night of ooey, gooey, dark richness, is cold and dead now. But, still there lingers a lovely, warm, thump, thump, thump flowing through the veins.  I, Teri H. from the outside looking in, thought it was a masterful job of tingling all our senses to get to the depth, the point and the joy of it all, the not-too-clever cleverness and the respect given to the heart and soul of Poe. From the original music to the original choreography, I say Bravo to it all.

But there’s more - here’s a few memories from the lovely Katherine Robb on the creative process and the final performance from the perspective of a dancer on the inside looking out:  KP=Poe-rave-kat-dan-273


As we spent the afternoon tying ravens to trees, and placing skulls, candles and antique knick knacks from our homes around the 2nd floor of the York Street Café the excitement in the air was almost tangible. We kept smiling brightly at one another as we handed each other a piece of tape, a pair of scissors or one of Ashley’s amazing Red Velvet Cake Balls and squealed, “I can’t believe it’s today!”

We finished decorating and gathered for one final run through and then…that was it. Ready or not, it was time to don our costumes and makeup and do the Poe Show….in front of people

Nervous and completely bursting at the seams with excitement, the dancers held hands backstage and whispered encouragement to each other as our Master of Ceremonies, Loren the Black strode out and silenced the audience with one single, strong look and a tap of his skull capped staff. We wished Camille luck as she went onstage to kill Heidi.  KP-Poe-terrie-heidi-ashley

The audience journeyed with us from Camille’s comedic turn on The Tell Tale Heart, to Ashley’s sultry vision of The Black Cat, and were hypnotized, as were we, by Sunova Starshine’s beautiful, surreal hula hoop dance to Dream Within a Dream. They dug those crazy bells, fell in love with Lenore, became unhinged by The Raven, ached for Loren’s lost Annabel Lee and feared The Red DeathKP-Poe-Heidi-Red-Masque-273


Though all the frenzied running around, changing of costumes, donning of headpieces, pinning and gluing that went on backstage, we heard them, we felt their energy and laughed, loved, ached and feared with them.

As we stood together for our group bow, we were truly humbled- really absolutely floored- at the sincerity and the enthusiasm from the crowd. We leapt way out of our box, and a gamble like that always brings about a certain vulnerability. We could not have felt richer or more rewarded by the reception that night.   KP-Poe-the bow-400

“How are you guys going to top this?” several guests asked.

I don’t know if it’s something Keshvar Project should try and “top”. One of the reasons the show worked is because the base material was so rich, inspiring and full of such a range of human emotion. Poe is something that so many can relate to, and at a variety of ages and life experiences.

The highlight of the entire adventure for me, was a woman who came up to me after the show. She had brought her son and was so excited, because, after seeing the show, he wanted to go home and read the stories and poems that the performance was based on.

The following day, I received this message from her: 

“My son and I had a fantastic time reading, and sometimes trying to understand Edgar Allan Poe. I didn't think he would be into it... I guess we do learn something new every day!”

Katherine Robb 





And a still-beating heartfelt thanks to magical Sunova Starshine, the masterful Zahara and the mesmerizing Mayan Ruins for completing the evening with tales of their own. Of course big thanks go to Loren the Black, Master of Ceremonies.  And a big, giant, warm, gushing hug full of heart for the crowd! 

Thanks for coming, thanks for looking the part, thanks for dancing and swinging and swaying!  Thanks, Thanks, Thanks!  Now, to the Time Traveler's Ball and some Steampunk socializing!  

Teri Hhhhh     KP-Poe-group-tribal-dance-300




A Bellydancer's Passion For Poe


Poe! ! Doesn’t that just make your toes curl?? I have to say, I’m tickled pink (and black!) about this concept.

I’ve been a Poe enthusiast since I studied him for my eleventh grade English class. My friends and I were inspired to have a birthday party for him that year….we plastered our school with posters and I drew a picture of Poe with a lampshade over his head for the occasion. I still have my battered, well worn paperback of his works that I purchased for class. I thumb through it often, my special book made even more special by the annotations left by a much loved friend I shared it with seventeen years ago.


Tribal Yarns

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