Mood Maker- Shaman - LED Lover

"I love the moment it all catches fire, the band gels, the solo finds the hips of the dancer…..eyes sparkle and an infectious giddiness spreads everywhere."

Mark Stucker – Our co-Musical Director. An evolved human being with a musical reach that lifts our song and dance into the spiritual realm. He’s a woodwind connoisseur who dapples in the dark side of drums, magic and the mainstream. A leader who masterfully manages a troupe full of passionate and scattered creative searchers and one who cares deeply about both the process and the product.

A songwriter and multi-instrumentalist – flute, clarinet, sax, guitar, keyboards, doumbek, djembe and zills– and looking for the next mesmerizing noise maker to master. His sounds bring luminosity to our music and a focus to our dreams. He’s a seeker with a history of working among many creative genres – he currently perfoms in Strange Creature and Hathor's Flame and in the past with the performance troupe Mameda and the Irish fusion band Anam Cara. He pays his bills as a professional cinematographer and lighting designer for video and film.  He tops it all off with exquisite guacamole and mojitos - a lover of music and life.