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 Keshvar Project
Moulin Rouge

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 Saturday April 8th

738 York St. Newport, KY

special guest performers


Madam Gigi's Outragous French Cancan Dancers
Sydney Shewmaker- "Painter in Residence"

doors open 7:30pm-11:30pm

$15 day of show and at the door


Come join Keshvar Project for a fanciful Rogue themed French evening of music, dance and camaraderie. Imagine a night in Paris, it’s 1892 you are in the Rouge, a venue where all classes are invited to mix and outrageous performances expected. At least for a night let’s embrace their Bohemian ideals of Truth, Beauty, Freedom and Love and if you are moved to dress for the occasion, please do so by all means.

We are excited to host Qiet, a band out of the mountains of West Virginia, creating a high energy, undeniably danceable sound mix of 1920's jazz and punk rock!! How could you possibly deny an evening of such indulgence? In addition to the Keshvar Project musicians and dancers we will also be offering Madame Gigi’s Outrageous French Cancan dancers for your entertainment. What a splendid evening to send winter on its way!!