Mother – Sister - Keeper of the Faith

"Dance is a spiritual thing for me. I dance with the mothers, grandmothers, daughters, aunts, cousins…all that came before me. They left their energy, soul and knowledge for me. And I, with their help and grace, am laying the groundwork for the women who come after me. I dance with joy.”

Heidi is the most beautiful dancer …oh, the times we’ve heard that. Disguised as a mild-mannered kitten dressed in beige, she transforms into a divine beauty with the power and grace to capture and command any audience. Just watch as the music in her heart becomes the fascinating movements of a magical woman. Follow the passion from her eyes, across her shoulders, down the wrist and out the long, lingering fingertips. Take care not to lose your place for she’ll catch you looking and blaze you down with a dazzlingly smile.

She unknowingly contributes to the whole, bringing energy, tradition and the soul of the dance into who we are. She delivers moves, choreography and knowledge that can transform a dance. The mother in her ensures we always get the credit we deserve, the sister in her treats us each to our own special birthday cake, the friend in her shares our deepest secrets……. the Dancer in her mesmerizes us.



Teaching enchanting bellydance moves to all who ask......