The Moves – Tribal Belly Dance Cincinnati Style


Our dance developed out of the world of American Tribal-Style Belly Dance and the variations borne from it as it traveled east from its San Francisco home.  As individuals, most came to the dance form at one of Cincinnati’s founding studios for Tribal Belly Dance - The Center for World Rhythms and Movement. Under the wing of director Suzanne Gerard and her music and dance troupe Gaiananda, we developed into improvisational tribal belly dancers mixed with a heavy dose of original choreography.

We danced, we taught, we performed. And we learned that there were many paths to choose. Turning towards a new direction, we became The Keshvar Project. Our goal: take our individual experiences, talents and passions, mix in the original influences from our band, blend with lessons from our foremothers and create our own style of belly dance.

That said, what to label our dance remains an open question. “Improvisational belly dance combined with elaborate choreographies, using classical belly dance movements while adding a salsa move and a pop from the modern world…”, and on it goes.

We give and we take in order to create artistry, community and spirit. We value professionalism, fun and energy, respect of the old, openness to the new.  We love the power and the beauty of this dance. We love the community that it builds. We love the music.

And we love the Spirit of tribal belly dance – dancing together, in tune with each other and with a dance that is strong, open, firmly rooted in the feminine power as expressed in the grace, beauty and power of the movement.

Keshvar Project - Ancient Art with a Modern Heart