doum - doum - doum

Dan Baechle  - A transcendent percussionist with a passionate history with the diverse genres of life and music -  Blues, Jazz, Rock, Folk, Country, Orchestral, Latin, Caribbean, Afro-Cuban, Middle Eastern and West African – he’s proficient in all. He’s our drummer and he thrumbs on the  doumbek, the riq, the frame drum, the djembe, etc, etc – all things doum, doum tek ka, tek ka, bang, bang and beyond.

He shares his music with many bands including Wo-Yingi, Foxy McCoy, Len’s Lounge and  Red Beards Revenge. His pursuits of leisure include managing money, conversational slide & slides, and the reformation of the body and soul. He’s a man with a solid beat and an open soul.  His managerial skills keep us in the black; his rhythm keeps us on the beat. In suit and tie he walks among the everyday but in secret lyres he transforms into a mystical driver of the dancing mob.

Doum doum tek ka tek ka……