Tribal Belly Dance Classes in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky


Imagine a time in history, a long time ago, when the bounce and sway of a women's hips was considered so beautiful that they set it to music and made a dance out of it…

This is the quote on the Fat Chance Belly Dance’s Home page and it says all about what makes American Tribal Style Belly Dance (ATS) so wonderful. FCBD is the troupe of the creator and keeper of the torch of ATS Bellydance, Carolina Nerrichio. Group improvisational dance, earthy, elaborate costuming, open, grounded uplifted movements – these are all part of what characterize this dance form.

In Cincinnati, tribal style bellydance has developed into many variations. The dancers of Keshvar Project have created a style that is borne from and inspired by ATS but influenced by our teachers, fellow dancers and musicians.

With belly dance classes in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky, Camille, Heidi and Katherine  teach the foundation of Tribal Style Belly Dance. You will learn the concepts, the posture, the movements, the drills, the look, as well as the advanced, fine-tuning that can transform your dance from “doing” the moves to “dancing” the moves.

Both have performed for many years as members of Gaiananda and Keshvar Project on both regional and national stages. They have taught many, many dancers who now populate the Tribal Belly Dance world in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. Their teaching is grounded in years of experience and real-world professional dancing.

Go ahead and give it a try. Check out their belly dance classes, locations and times……

Keshvar Project – Ancient Art with a Modern Heart