Mathematician - Memory Keeper - Peacemaker

Camille Wagner – Our Dance Director. She is a spitfire with a heart of gold, dancing with a deep passion served with a childlike twinkle. See her dance once and you will always remember - her style is her own, her technique is unbelievable, her beauty is enchanting. She impresses with her moves, costuming is happenstance.  Nothing moves  her from her mission whether blistering concrete or gail force winds - she just keeps on dancing.

She leads with a maturity beyond her years, negotiates with a compassionate backbone and dances like a fairy from the magical forest. As troupe leader her most valuable skills is that of Interpreter – she knows the secret language of "the guys in the band" and translates it into “dancer” language thereby creating peace and harmony out of confusion and "what did he just say".

We cherish her presence and root her on as she negotiates the beauty of life.