Curious - Noble - Smooth

"Dance has always been ingrained in my blood, but when I discovered belly dance it took everything to new heights. It has opened doors to many hidden talents and supplies a significant moral boost.It has created this physical and spiritual fulfillment that I can't get anywhere else. On that stage is one place where I can feel like a goddess with my sisters and brothers around me."


Ashley Stuck - Her baby doe eyes are sweet, her moves are smoldering. A dancer born in the country and raised on Rabbit Hash haflas. She’s moved to the city and is now one of our newest members. With a smooth style, and rock-steady sword work, she brings vitality, freshness, inventiveness and a gung ho-ness to the troupe. She's a budding choreographer and creator of challenging and charming moves.

Welcome Ashley to the troupe and watch her grow. And if you need a little stretch or spiritual lift, you can find her teaching pilate's and yoga at Northern Kentucky University. Catch her at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it